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Soft Water Shampoo for Dogs and Cats Special for Puppies and Kitten Shampoo Dogs Sensitive Skin with Natural Coconut Fragrance

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Product description


1. Made from natural plant ingredients, safe, non-toxic, harmless to your pet's skin.

2. Easy to use, extends time between regular washing.

3. For all hair/fur types. Suitable for cats and puppies.

4. Makes your dog smell gorgeous with its unique fragrance.

5. Effectively prevent pet skin disease and itch relief.


Material:coconut oil

Shelf life:3 years


1.Place towel or rubber mat at thebottom of tub to prevent sipping

2.Brush out coat to remove knotsand loosen dirt.

3.Wet coat with warm water.

4.Apply shampoo fromthe back of ears to tail and rinse,carefully avoiding eyes and cars.Use a washcloth to gently clean theface.

5.Towel dry thoroughly. Brushout coat when fully dry.

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