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UFO Slow Feed Push Button Treat Dispenser Bowl

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Extending Meal Time: Should We Go? The slow feeding dog bowl has ridges, corners, and cracks, making it difficult for your dog to swallow food. This will slow them down. Slow feeding dog bowls can slow down the feeding speed by 10 times.

Stimulating Spirit: Let your dog work for their own food! Slow food bowls can serve as interactive dog puzzles for your dog to engage in psychological exercise. It can also be used as a licking pad to help disperse and calm your puppy's anxiety.

Helping digestion: When dogs quickly swallow food, they may experience problems such as bloating, obesity, and suffocation. Many veterinarians recommend using a slow feeding bowl to help with healthy digestion.

Safe&easy to clean: This sturdy slow feeding tray is made of non-toxic food grade silicone, free of plastic, bisphenol A and Phthalic acid salts. Unlike plastic and ceramic bowls, this bowl is very sturdy. Dishwasher friendly, easy to clean

This is a very small bowl, only the size of the palm of your hand, 11 cm (4.3 inches) in diameter, suitable for kittens and puppies.

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